• We promote the emotional, behavioral and mental health of children, families, and youth.

  • Each Mind Matters because we are all different. Learn about the movement and who is behind it.

  • We support prevention and early intervention strategies through education and awareness.

Who speaks for our children? Get involved and make your voice heard!

United Advocates for Children and Families (UACF) is a non profit organization with a mission to improve the quality of life for all children and youth with mental, emotional, and behavioral challenges and to eliminate institutional discrimination and social stigma.

We are dedicated to empowering parents, caregivers, children, and youth through education, training, and technical assistance programs and services to ensure families are present at every level of decision making. We work to keep families informed on important news and events by providing monthly opportunities for networking and collaboration and extensive communications and outreach efforts . UACF also operates a direct services program for and by families in various counties of the state.

The Parent Leadership Institute

The UACF Parent Leadership Institute empowers families to coach, mentor, lead, and use their ‘lived experience’ to bring positive transformation to the mental health system through training, technical assistance, and peer support.

Public Policy and Advocacy

Our programs have been designed to empower parents, families, and caregivers to not only advocate on behalf of their child or youth, but to provide awareness and education on the issues and legislation that affects children and youth with mental health challenges.

The EPIC Initiative

A parent program designed to strengthen the voice of parents and provide them with transformational tools to re-shape the mental healthcare system on behalf of their children.
We are here to provide a voice and empower family members through training and technical assistance and form strategic partnerships to leverage local and statewide resources.

Office Location

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