EPIC Initiatives: 2013-2014

UACF has developed a 12 Point Parent Empowerment Program designed to strengthen the voice of parents and  provide them with transformational tools to re-shape the mental healthcare system on behalf of their children. We are focused on building the capacity of parents and families through training, technical assistance, and direct peer to peer support through through the following initiatives:

Regional Chapter Development

UACF is developing regional chapters across the state designed to provide community based training, peer to peer support, and technical assistance to parents and families at the grassroots level.

UACF Syndicated Column “Let’s Talk Mental Health”

Written by UACF CEO, Dr. Oscar Wright, “Let’s Talk Mental Health” is the first syndicated column in the state of California dedicated to addressing and discussing mental health issues and ideas.

Quarterly UACF Newsletter

Our quarterly newsletter, redesigned to reflect the dynamic image of UACF’s EPIC initiatives hosts a variety of articles, updates, and program updates to keep our members and their families informed of the important issues impacting children’s mental health.

The Gateway to Hope website

Our brand new website was created to become a “one stop shop” for anyone seeking mental health information, resources, and training. Working with program partners, The Gateway To Hope provides access to community based resources as well as the latest in news and information.

The UACF Action Alliance

As UACF moves into the new year, the importance of empowering families at every level of decision making will take center stage. We believe that all parents, caregivers, consumers, and family members should have their voice heard on issues that matter to them. By forming the UACF Action Alliance, we can focus our policy efforts on making legislative changes for the families that we serve.

Leadership Institute Training Center

We are so excited to announce the opening of our Leadership Institute Training Center! This state of the art, statewide training center will be used to conduct training and education for parents and families as well as offer a secure location for meetings and events for program partners and community organizations.

Parent-to-Parent Pipeline

UACF is committed to developing a secure online community forum for parents and families to share resources, ask questions, and connect across the state.  

Speakers Bureau “Hear Us, Know Us”

A good story has the power to change someone’s life. By sharing our stories, and training others to share theirs in a way that impacts personal and systems change, UACF’s speakers bureau will inspire audiences with powerful messages of hope and courage.

The 2014 Parent Summit

Education and networking are at the heart of this event being planned for Spring 2014. Designed to educate and empower parents through workshops, keynote speeches, and community collaboration and partnerships, our annual Parent Summit will be an event you don’t want to miss.

Parent Partner & Certification Program

UACF is actively involved in the discussion and planning around peer certification programs. Working with other community organizations, we are committed to bringing the family voice to public mental health employment and recognizing the invaluable contributions of Parent and Family Partners across the state.

Outcome Based Evaluation 

Outcome-Based Evaluation(OBE) is a method designed to assess how the programs and projects of an organization have made a difference or impact on the intended audience. OBE is useful both as a planning tool and as an evaluation tool. The benefits of using OBE evaluation techniques can help communicate the value and success of a program and help us determine whether programs are really making a difference for families. While additional measurements determined how much money was spent, number of people served or on participants satisfaction — these measures don’t really assess the impact. Outcomes evaluation looks at impacts/benefits to families during and after participation in our programs

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Have questions?

Visit our Resources section for more information on how to understand your child’s IEP, how to contact local legislators, or for help with locating a treatment facility in your neighborhood.

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The transition of AB 3632 to AB114

AB 3632 is now AB 144. What does this mean for your child’s IEP? 

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Need Immediate Help?

If you or a loved one is in immediate crisis, please call 911 or visit the nearest emergency room.

The UACF Hope Line is a message system for parents and caregivers that provides resources and connections to individuals in your community that may be able to assist you in finding appropriate support services for your child’s mental health needs. Feel free to leave a message on the UACF Hope Line and your call will be returned as promptly as possible.

Hope Line: 1-877-ASK-UACF (275-8223)