UACF Public Policy Legislative Platform

UACF is committed to advising stakeholders and gatekeepers (county, state, and federal agencies) at all levels of government in the development of policies and projects to improve the quality of life for children, youth, and their families struggling with mental health disabilities. Our aim is to bring together mental health system service coordinators and agencies to provide a collaborative approach to planning and resource development.

UACF initiates and supports proposals that:

  • Enhance family preservation and stabilization of policies and services.
  • Embody the guiding and operating principles of UACF.
  • Augment mental health funding, consistent with the principles of least restrictive care and adequate access.
  • Extend innovative housing and employment options for families caring for children and youth with mental health challenges.
  • Expands services in the criminal and juvenile justice systems for persons with serious mental illnesses.
  • Promote blended funding for programs serving parents, caregivers, or adolescents with co-occurring disorders.
  • Address human resources shortages in the public mental health system, and California’s special education system, with specific emphasis on increasing cultural diversity, improving the quality of care, and promoting the employment of parents and caregivers including peer-to-peer supporters.
  • Advance and implement mental health insurance parity.
  • Ensure quality mental health services in health care reform implementation.
  • Lower costs by eliminating duplicative, unnecessary, or ineffective regulatory or licensing mechanisms of programs or facilities.

UACF opposes all bills related to:

  • Reduction of benefits and entitlements for children, youth, and their families with mental health challenges.
  • Adverse effects on the principles or goals of the Mental Health Services Act (MHSA).
  • Reduction of parents’ and caregivers’ involvement in decisions regarding their children’s mental health. 
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Visit our Resources section for more information on how to understand your child’s IEP, how to contact local legislators, or for help with locating a treatment facility in your neighborhood.

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The transition of AB 3632 to AB114

AB 3632 is now AB 144. What does this mean for your child’s IEP? 

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Need Immediate Help?

If you or a loved one is in immediate crisis, please call 911 or visit the nearest emergency room.

The UACF Hope Line is a message system for parents and caregivers that provides resources and connections to individuals in your community that may be able to assist you in finding appropriate support services for your child’s mental health needs. Feel free to leave a message on the UACF Hope Line and your call will be returned as promptly as possible.

Hope Line: 1-877-ASK-UACF (275-8223)